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                   The company through the ISO2000 quality system certification. Taiwan as a cast iron foundry tempering process, strong steel is not easy deformation, high precision, good stability and long service life.
                Table CNC (Far East) Tang milling machine processing, high precision to ensure machining accuracy of the fuselage. (Figure)
              CNC Tang Miller (Far East)
              (2) and Taiwan Park, the three guide column guide pillar hole with a self-developed special Tang hole of the machine processing hole, reduce the processing time of tired tolerances ensure hole accuracy. (Figure)
              Three special Tang hole machine

              (3) general small castings (such as plate, slider) by ultrasonic vibration instrument vibration to eliminate stress,reduce the deformation. Figure

              Ultrasonic instrument
              Each gadget must pass through the tube to precision measurement instrument to ensure the accuracy of spare parts, improve product quality.

              The division and a precision instrument:
               Two dimensional measuring instrument



              The lower dead point detector

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